Han Whiteoak's Stories

Available to Read Online

Short Stories

Stone Baby - Northern Gravy

Bushbaby - Solarpunk Magazine

Tooth and Claw - Banshee

Earth Report - Luna Station Quarterly

Mars Ascending (with bonus interview) - Luna Station Quarterly

Scentology - On The Premises (Contest Honorable Mention)

Piece of My Heart - Online Writing Tips Short Story Contest Winner

Flash Fiction

Snowman - Metaphorosis

The Cloud Knitters - Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores

Teeth - The Sunlight Press

Vixen - Flash Fiction Online

Blossom and Sky - TSS (Flash Fiction Contest Shortlist)

Big Head Syndrome - Okay Donkey

Flight - The Sunlight Press

Humane - Reflex Fiction

After the Race - Brilliant Flash Fiction (On-The-Spot Writing Contest)

Spacecraft Cemetery - TSS (Microfiction Contest 2019 Winner)

Last Lesson - The Martian Magazine

Available to Listen and Read

Snowman - Metaphorosis Podcast

Weapons They Gave You to Fight the Blood Monster - PseudoPod (Flash Fiction Contest 2nd Place)

The Day the Sun Went Out - Escape Pod (Flash Fiction Contest 3rd Place)

Christmas Gran - Weird Christmas (Flash Fiction Contest 1st Place)

Stories in Anthologies

Siren's Song - And We Lived Happily Ever After, National Flash Fiction Day 2022

Small Good Things - Small Good Things, Dahlia Books

A Beautiful Day for Flying - Taking Flight, Comma Press

Marmalade - A Very Kurious Anthology, Kurious Arts

The Bunker - The Whisper Place, Ellipsis Zine